Digital stories about travel, trips, and treading water.
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Bussing: A scrollable narrative

A seamless multimedia description of three days and nights on an interstate bus.

Read using web browser: Chapter 1.

Watch in video format: YouTube.

To Montreal: A "movie"

An (unfinished) HD travelogue about paddling a boat from Toronto to Montreal.

Watch on YouTube.

The original story was exhibited as an Android application at ELO2016.

Also exhibited at the Loughborough University 'Mediated Text' Symposium (2019).

4 Days Transit: Through the GTA

Aimless travel via municipal transit. Built using a clustering algorithm to assemble and arrange groups of media according to temporal proximity.

Watch on YouTube.

Asocial.xyz: A Stab at One Billion Dollars

A collaborative editor for scrollable stories.


This project "graduated" from YCombinator Startup School (2019), after being mistakenly admitted by a boolean bug in the application process.


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