Travel, trips, and treading water.

Project Description
Typical Trip
Started with videos.

Obtained a Canon HV10 camcorder and a Macbook Pro. Used Garageband and iMovie to make music videos. Thne video sharing sites became popular. Internet celebrity became a thing.

Bussing 0
Hand written travelogue about bus travel.

Written when the iPhone 1 came out.

Several years of confusion and wasted effort.

Love, alcohol, marijuana, terror, imposters.
Paris, Winnipeg, Chicago, Toronto. I thought I was a writer.

An AR Game
Won a cell phone.

It was the prize in a contest. This technical description was written in bars and bunkhouses in southern Africa.

The algorithmic music phase.

Drunk, lonely, somewhat hopeless, writing games and music. Entertained by a fantasy of being a member of a robot band. Live in Lilongwe. And this weird drunken hybrid game of AR and algorithmic music.

To Montréal
Experimental story about travel by packraft.

Used the cell phone to photograph and film the trip. Exhibited 2016 at ELO Victoria . Exhibited 2019 at Loughborough University 'Mediated Text'

An attempt to join one of the big names.

Creative Lab 5.

Bussing 1
Second iteration of the digital book concept.

Used the cell phone again. New code, new concept. Tried the movie idea again.

Four Days
Four days of riding municipal busses.

An attempt to join the startup craze.

It failed, or "graduated" , from YCombinator Startup School (2018), after being mistakenly admitted by a boolean bug.

Bussing 2
Third iteration of the digital book concept.

This time it uses a virtual DOM framework (VueJS).

Still looking.

It'll be either death, or success then death.

Contact hello@abrie.goeiebook.ca